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School of Airport operations managment


About the Department                                                                  

College Degree
Airport Operation Managment Program

  The Airport Operations Management department at QAC is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) Authorized Training Centre (ATC) listed in the worldwide top ten ATCs on IATA’s website ( Qatar Aeronautical College provides the best learning and training environments for students to succeed and prepare for a career in aviation operations and airlines management. With this major you will have access to a wide range of career choices and exposure to a wide range of people and cultures.

The Qatar Aeronautical College aspires to be the preeminent regional aviation college in Qatar. Recognized for its academic excellence and for contributing to the overall development of the Airport Operations Management Program.

Graduates receive an education that provides leading insights into these segments of the global transportation industry.

Our airport management specialization offers an optimal opportunity to advance your career in the aviation industry. You'll be engaged in courses such as Airport Operations and IATA Courses.

Why  Choose this Degree ?

 Qatar Aeronautical College provides the best learning and training environments for students to succeed and prepare for a career in aviation operations and airlines management. With this major you will have access to a wider range of career choices and exposure to a wide range of people and cultures. Airport Operations hangman assists airports, to provide an operationally safe airport that is incompliance with the latest international and national aviation regulations and requirements. Airport Operations Management conduct audits, formulates new and/or modifies existing policies & procedures.

The Diploma also aims to equip graduates with the knowledge required to fast track to supervisor and mid-level manager or to continue with further studies leading to academic degrees.

After completion of all the courses required for the diploma program, students will receive a Qatar Aeronautical College Diploma.

Students will also receive an IATA aviation science diploma (Must complete and pass four IATA Distance Learning Courses).

Requirements for Admissions.

 Students who are a high school graduate with 70% or more.They have to pass the QAC Foundations Program with IELTS of 5.0 point or more, pass Math Level 6 and achieve the ICDL.Qatari Students can enter the program through scholarship sponsors including the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, Emiri Flight, Qatar Foundation and Qatar Airways. However, it is also possible to enter privately through self-sponsorship. Students are first enrolled into English Language Training. If they pass all the requirements, they are then transferred on to the Airport Operations Management Program.


Courses Offered

  Regular Courses

There are a total of 20 courses included in the program:

    1. Airline Customer Service (IATA DL)
    2. Introduction to Airline Industry (IATA DL)
    3. Amadeus Reservations (QAC)
    4. Introduction to Air Cargo (IATA DL)
    5. Airport Customer Service (IATA IH)
    6. CMC & Family Assistance (IATA IH)
    7. Air Transport Fundamentals (IATA DL)
    8. Airline Passenger Service (IATA DL)
    9. Airport Operations (IATA DL)
    10. GDS Fares & Ticketing (IATA DL)
    11. Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA DL)
    12. Aviation Security Awareness (IATA DL)
    13. Cargo Skills & Procedures (IATA IH)
    14. Air Transport Management (IATA IH)
    15. Managing People Performance (IATA IH)
    16. Airport Safety Management System - (IATA IH)
    17. Human Factors in Aviation (IATA IH)
    18. Business English & Report Writing (QAC)
    19. Ground Operations Management (IATA DL)
    20. Advanced Airport Commercial Management (IATA)


    Short Courses

QAC is an authorized ATC Training Center and is in IATA’s 2013 Worldwide Top 10 (Premier Circle) list of ATC centers. We therefore offer short IATA In House Courses to our students and also to outside individuals working in the airline Industry. These short courses include the following.


    1. Airport Customer Service (IATA IH)
    2. CMC & Family Assistance (IATA IH)
    3. Cargo Skills & Procedures (IATA IH)
    4. Air Transport Management (IATA IH)
    5. Managing People Performance (IATA IH)
    6. Airport Safety Management System - (IATA IH)
    7. Human Factors in Aviation (IATA IH)



How will I be taught ?

By our instructor and IATA instructor class rooms along with short courses.

The whole AOM program runs for a total of 2 years and includes a combination of:


  • IATA In House Courses (external IATA instructors come and teach short 2-5 day courses)
  • IATA Distance Learning Courses (students are taught in class by our own instructors after which they sit for an IATA exam at the end of the semester)
  • Qatar Aeronautical College Courses (QAC taught and examined)
  • Additionally there is also On the Job Training at the airport, which includes aspects of familiarization and internship.

How will I be assessed ?

Examinations are conducted at the end of the courses along with supervision of all your academic progress.

What opportunities are for work experience & study abroad ?

After completion of their program, students can work with CAA at the airport, Qatar airways, Emiri Flight or any other aviation industrial within Qatar as Airport Operations Manager.

After graduation,what job can I obtain ?

In order to ensure the smooth running of an airport, knowledgeable and skilled operational staff must be employed. Graduates of QAC meet the general requirements for such staff and with minimal in-house training in company procedures will be able to perform their duties effectively.

Working at the airport or airlines as an Airport Operations Manager or a Customer Services Manager. Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar Airways, Emiri Flight and such other prominent aviation industry or organizations.


The fees for Airport Operations Management Certification is USD 44,000 or QAR 160,000.

AOM fee is payable in four equal installments, first installment on commencement of the course and all subsequent installments after completion of every six months.

100% self-sponsored students may be eligible for discounts on tuitions fees.


The College

College  Facilities  Qatar Aeronautical College is located on a purpose-built campus in Ras Abu Aboud, directly behind Doha International Airport.  The main building includes administration....Read more

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