Why Qatar Aeronautical College

Unique World Class Learning Opportunities

If you are looking to become World Class in the Aviation industry, then Qatar Aeronautical College is the perfect place for you. Located in Doha, the campus caters to co-ed students wishing to pursue aviation related qualifications in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Pilot Training, Air Traffic Control, Meteorology, Academic Studies and English Language Training and Programs in Advanced Aviation Management and Airline Management.

Dedicated to Supporting You

The Qatar Aeronautical College aims to continue to support you through your career, by keeping you updated on College developments and professional post-graduate training opportunities through the creation of an ‘Alumni’ for past and present students.

The Ideal Environment

New and existing teaching facilities are provided to support the provision of ‘World Class’ aviation training within all the departments – including interactive classrooms, Learning Management System, State-of-the-art Simulators & Training tools that allow maximised student / instructor contact. These facilities transform the learning experience and through the inclusion of student welfare, recreational and accommodation facilities, mean that access is given not only to ‘World Class’ training but also to a welcoming living environment that supports the learning experience.

Integrated Campus

All your aviation training needs are provided for in one location that enables co-ed students to learn in a unique environment that has both academic and vocational studies. The College offers an integrated, comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that will allow students to get the best introduction into the field of aviation including hands-on experience using some of the latest technology. The college is also subject to a continuous improvement programme, such that courses are regularly assessed to ensure all students and their employers receive the most up to date aviation related education available in the region.


Types of Schools & Eligibility to QAC Programs

Commercial School YES YES YES YES
Arts with Science YES YES YES YES
Arts with Math YES YES YES YES
General Science with Math YES YES YES YES
Arts with French YES YES
Technical School YES YES YES
Independent School (Adv) YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Independent School (Foundation) YES YES YES YES
Geographical Sciences YES YES YES
Other International School YES YES YES YES YES YES

Other Criteria

  •  In case an applicant possesses IELT(5.5),TOEFL(550),SAT(500),ACT(24) certificates, he/she will be considered for entry to any of the programs above.
  •  All applicants who graduated from high schools outside Qatar or from non-Goverment schools in Qatar must get their secondary school certificates equalized from the Ministry of Education.
  •  Students once enrolled must provide police clearance certificate from the Ministry of Interior.
  •  All PTD &ATC students must go through class1 medicals and provide copy of the same.
  •  1. Registration
    Fill the required Registration Form available at the Admission and Enrollment Office
  •  2. Pay Registration Fee
    Submit the QR 300 undergraduate admission application fee as part of your admission application.
  •  3. Submit the following Documents
  •  Passport-sized photograph.
  •  A copy of the passport information pages.
  •  A photocopy of the national ID Card.
  •  A stamped and signed copy of the secondary school certificate.
  •  An original certificate of high school attested from the place that it has been issued, attested by the Ministry of Interior of that country and attested from the state of Qatar (Embassy of Qatar) in that country.
  •  Copies of IELTS/ACT/SAT/TOEFL scores if available.
  •  Any recommendation letters.
  •  Short essay on "Why do I want to be a QAC Graduate?" (500 words).
  •  4. Pre-Assessment Tests
    Schedule and undertake Pre-Assessment Tests Including Placement Exam(s), Interviews
  •  Registered Candidate Identification
    Upon completion of the Registration Process, A unique identification No. will be assigned to the candidate, which will be used for follow-up. Short listed candidates will be contacted by SMS/Email
  •  Candidates shall submit additional required documents;
    (Note: Request letter will be provided)
  •   Police Clearance
  •   Equalization of high school certificate
  •   Medical check-up
  •  Interviews will be scheduled.
    Upon Success, Candidate will be offered enrollment to their selected course.
    (Note: In case the candidate is unsuccessful in the interview rounds, he may be considered for a second interview after a period of 3 month)
  •  Candidate shall pay the course fee as per the College Fee Policy.
    Depending on the placement test results and IELTS score, the enrolled candidate may join either a foundation Program or may get a direct entry to the selected course/major.
  •  Student On-Boarding & Orientation
  •  Generating request letter to help obtain required clearance/letters.
  •  Processing of student visas/travel arrangements.
  •  Issue standard letters (TWIMC).
  •  Student counselling.
  •  Student welfare & support (Residential facilities, Health, official and Academic matters).
  •  Student Graduation & Seperation