Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
Starts from:Fri, July 10, 2020
Campus Location

Ras AbuAbboud EXPY, Al Khulaifat,Doha,Qatar

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Course Feature
  • Course Code PTD-ATPL-101
  • Course Type Full-Time
  • Duration 24 Month
  • Pre-requisite Minimum age 17 years, High School 70% , IELTS 5.5, PILAPT score 5 or above
  • Department Pilot Training Division
Class Description

Our traditional Airline Transport Pilot Licence course is a 24 month full time Diploma in Aviation Studies program leading to the issue of a QCAA commercial pilot’s licence (CPL) with multi-engine instrument rating (IR). Upon gaining flight experience this licence is then automatically eligible for upgrade to a QCAA Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL (A)).

PTD’s flight training program is based on the UK CAA’s integrated course of training (JAA) and is designed to take suitably capable cadets with no previous flight experience to the right hand seat of a commercial airliner in minimal time. Our ATPL (A) course consists of 930 hours of theoretical training leading to 14
QCAA examinations in the following subject areas:

• Air Law
• Aircraft General Knowledge
• Flight Performance and Planning
• Human Performance and Limitations
• Meteorology
• Navigation
• Operational Procedures
• Principles of Flight
• Communications

On the flying side our syllabus contains a total of 186 hours of actual flight training, consisting of:

• 144 hours in the Diamonds single-engine aircraft
• 42 hours in the Diamonds multi-engine aircraft
• A further 53 hours of procedural training are conducted in the college’s Diamonds single and multi-engine flight navigation procedural trainers in our dedicated simulator center.

In the flying phases there are 6 progress tests starting with basic aircraft handling (progress test 1) and concluding with the highly demanding QCAA multi-engine instrument rating skill test.

The ATPL course is concluded with a 3 week, 40 hour Jet orientation and Multi-crew co-operation course in the college’s Airbus A320 Jet simulator.By this point our freshly graduated cadets are ready for type training with an airline. A typical entry level aircraft would be the Airbus A320.

Prior to joining PTD for the ATPL (A) course all applicants are required to have achieved a minimum of:

• At least Year 12 schooling (AS), with an average of 80% pass marks
• A sufficient level of Mathematics and Physics to be able to accomplish the course (equivalent to 75% in the college’s Foundation Program)
• English language IELTS 5.5, (including 5.5 in both reading and writing)
• A PILAPT ris k as sessment ha nd/eye co -ordination te st re sult of 5 or above


For those who need to brush up we have a foundation program (academic bridge) available here at the college. The PILAPT risk assessment test is also conducted here at the college.

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