WMO Class IV- Junior Technician

WMO Class IV- Junior Technician
Starts from:Mon, July 6, 2020
Campus Location

Ras AbuAbboud EXPY, Al Khulaifat,Doha,Qatar

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Course Feature
  • Course Code WMO Class IV
  • Course Type Full-Time
  • Duration 6 Months
  • Pre-Requisites Secondary School (Mathematics and Science)
  • Department Meteorology
Class Description

The course is offered for Senior secondary school level candidates with good proficiency in English and Mathematics for 6 months duration. On completion of the course the participant will be qualified as a Met. Technician (Observer grade) and will be able to make meteorological and aero logical observations at designated weather stations.

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Subject Modules Per Semester & Course Outcomes

  •  WXPT-115-General Meteorology
  •  WXPT-116-Met instruments and its working principles
  •  WXPT-117-Met observation and Plotting of Weather Charts
  •  WXPT-118-Physics-I
  •  WXPT-119-Mathematics
  •  WXPT-188-Computer Science
  •  Explain:
  •  Weather observation and decoding rules based on WMO guidelines
  •  Functions of various weather instruments
  •  Cloud types
  •  Describe various meteorological terms.
  •  Explain the history and functions of varies WMO bodies, identify WMO publications and explain the contents therein.
  •  Interpret coded meteorological charts
  •  Explain the general principles of meteorology
  •  Identify various types of clouds and their associated weather condition
  •  Explain the basic principles of aviation meteorology
  •  Use WMO publications to encode and decode information related to weather observation
  •  Explain the objectives, divisions and responsibilities of Met Service, and describe the services provided by each division and unit
  •  Describe the composition and structure of the atmosphere and state how various weather phenomena occur and their effects on flights operations
  •  Interpret coded aviation meteorological information
  •  Describe the various scales of weather systems.
  •  Able to prepare METAR ,SPECI and other Aviation related messages