ICAO 052 Aerodrome Control

ICAO 052 Aerodrome Control
Starts from:Sun, May 31, 2020
Campus Location

Ras AbuAbboud EXPY, Al Khulaifat,Doha,Qatar

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Course Feature
  • Course Code ATC-SCTWR052
  • Course Type Short-Course (Full-Time)
  • Duration 24 Weeks
  • Pre-Requisites ICAO 051
  • Department Air Traffic Control
Class Description

This course is designed to provide training for both new recruits and unqualified ATC personnel to licensing standard. The training on Aerodrome Control course is combination of theoretical events and practical simulation / applications in ATC simulator

The simulator training introduces students to the practical aspects of aerodrome control by using 3D aerodrome control simulator.

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Subject Modules Per Semester & Course Outcomes

  •  ICAO 052 Introduction to the course (INTR)
  •  ICAO 052 Aviation Law
  •  ICAO 052 Aerodromes
  •  ICAO 052 Air Traffic Management
  •  ICAO 052 Meteorology
  •  ICAO 052 Navigation
  •  ICAO 052 Aircraft
  •  ICAO 052 Human Factors
  •  ICAO 052 Equipment and Systems
  •  ICAO 052 Professional Environment
  •  ICAO 052 Abnormal & Emergency Situations
  •  ICAO 052 Aerodrome Simulator Exercises
On successful completion of the course, the participant will have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required to undertake On Job Training at an aerodrome control unit under the supervision of a licensed air traffic control officer for rating training, in order to be issued with an air traffic control license with aerodrome rating.