ICAO International Air Law Courses

ICAO International Air Law Courses
Starts from:Sat, December 14, 2019
Campus Location

Ras AbuAbboud EXPY, Al Khulaifat,Doha,Qatar

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Course Feature
  • Course Code IAL
  • Course Type Short-Course (Full-Time)
  • Duration 30 Hours
  • Pre-Requisites English language proficiency
  • Department Academic Affairs
Class Description

The International Air Law course aims to enable representatives of Civil Aviation Administrations, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers to support their organization in compliance with international air law, through application of appropriate knowledge and advocacy.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:
a) learn the concepts and rules of international air law;
b) explain the relevance of the rules and procedures of international air law for their own role and functions in their organization; and
c) apply their knowledge and understanding to assist their national administration in improving implementation.

Who Should Attend
Representatives (eg, administrators, lawyers, managers), with or without legal education, from:
• Civil Aviation Administrations;
• Civil Aviation Authorities; and
• Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers of Member States
As well as government officials with responsibilities for civil aviation policy, legislation and enforcement.

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