Private Pilot License (PPL)

Private Pilot License (PPL)
Starts from:Fri, July 10, 2020
Campus Location

Ras AbuAbboud EXPY, Al Khulaifat,Doha,Qatar

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Course Feature
  • Course Code PTD-PPL-301
  • Course Type Short Course (Part-Time)
  • Duration 6-9 Month
  • Pre-requisite 17 years or above
  • Department Pilot Training Devsion
Class Description

Qatar Aeronautical College (QAC)  strives to meet the community’s PPL demands and enhance its productivity by providing PPL program, which is solid in content but small in size.

As most people, who want to learn to fly, hold jobs and have time constraints, QAC offers flexibility in training. You may elect to attend flying training ful-time or with the more flexible part-time schedule.  QAC will facilitate your training while provisioning a high standard of instruction.

The PPL course consists of theoretical knowledge, single engine aircraft training, and if desired, an additional night rating qualification.

The QAC PPL Program will offer the following :
• Initial PPL Single engine course
• Add on Multi-engine course
• Night qualification
• License conversion for applicants approved by QCA
• Trial Flights
• License’s renewal refresher flights or Simulator
• Aircraft rental for QAC affiliated students

PPL (A) Training Course :

PPL course (Theoretical Knowledge and Flight Training) will be delivered by QAC flight instructors. The QAC PPL (A) Training Course approved by the QCAA  requires the following :

Theoretical knowledge training consists of a minimum of 100 hours of study, which may include;
• Computer Aided Instruction
• Directed Self-Study
• Classroom Instruction
in preparation for the required QCAA  written exams. QAC requires progress tests during training along with a final exam in each subject to ensure you have suitable knowledge and the best opportunity to pass the QCAA exams.

The QCAA regulation QCAR  FCL AMC  1.125  state that the required hours can be done in suitable proportion.

QAC approved manual sets lesson plans. The following is the proportion that QAC will use to deliver the Theoretical
Knowledge which is derived from the QAC manual approved by the QCAA  :
• 54 hours of Computer Base Training, and Directed Study completed by the student following the lesson plans and the approved materials.
• 46 hours of ground instruction delivered by QAC instructors.
• 36 hours of Progress Test taken by the students as a self-study.

Flight Training Course:  Following the PPL (A) Training Course :
1) 43.5 Hours Dual and Solo
2) 1.5 Hours Flight Test By QCAA

Prior to license issue, you must have obtained an ICAO  Level 4, English Language Proficiency.

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