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The “European Association of Aviation Training and Education Organisations” – EATEO and “the African Association of Aviation Training Organisations” – AATO jointly organized EATEO’s REGIONAL Seminar on 28 June 2019 in Rome. Aviation professionals from more than 80 countries from Europe, Far East, Middle East and Africa had attended the program. The program, which is supported by ICAO and the Italian Civil Aviation Authority – ENAC, was focused on the theme “Training for new technology in aviation / Introducing new technology, tools and methodologies in aviation training”.

Mr. Maxwell Okeyo Odhiambo, QAC’s Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Instructor, represented Qatar Aeronautical College and also delivered a session on Introducing new technologies, tools and methodologies in aviation training. He emphasized the need for training institutions to collaborate with technology providers, manufacturers of ATC, Aircraft and Simulation systems to ensure there is a match between the syllabi, examinations and Training materials with the current and new technologies.

The seminar presented a networking opportunity and sharing of experiences among the experts in the Aviation Industry.

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