2017 Job Fair

Event Description

Qatar Aeronautical College invites interested students to register for admissions in courses starting February 2017.

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Admission Process


Fill the required Registration Form available at the Admission and Enrollment Office

Pay Registration Fee

Submit the QR 300 undergraduate admission application fee as part of your admission application.

Submit Documents

  •   Passport-sized photograph.
  •   A copy of the passport information pages.
  •   A photocopy of the national ID Card.
  •   A stamped and signed copy of the secondary school certificate.
  •   An original certificate of high school attested from the place that it has been issued, attested by the Ministry of Interior of that country and attested from the state of Qatar (Embassy of Qatar) in that country.
  •   Copies of IELTS/ACT/SAT/TOEFL scores if available.
  •   Any recommendation letters.
  •   Short essay on "Why do I want to be a QAC Graduate?" (500 words).

Pre-Assessment Tests

Schedule and undertake Pre-Assessment Tests Including Placement Exam(s), Interviews

Event Ticket Price