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Qatar Aeronautical College (QAC) is located on a purpose-built campus in Al Khulaifat Area off Ras AbuAbboud Expressway, strategically located between Doha International Airport (OTBD) & Hamad International Airport (OTHH).
The main building includes administration offices, departmental offices, classrooms, workshops, examination hall, library, cafeteria, and snack bars. Behind the main building are a mosque and four residential blocks providing single-bedroom accommodation for students and some staff members. Cable TV, Internet Network, telephones and laundry facilities are available in shared living areas. Students and staff residing in the college are provided with three meals a day in the dining room.

Main Campus

The Main Campus of the College is located on a 120,000 sq.m. Area with a Net Floor Area of 20 sq.m. The Main Campus houses all land-side training facilities including Administration & Residential.


Flightline - DIA

The primary Air-side facility is located inside Doha International Airport on a 28,000 sq.m. area. This facility caters to Flight training, Aircraft Maintenance Training and Aircraft Support Services MRO.


Flightline Al-Khor

The college has a satellite flying training facility at a remote Airfield in Al-Khor, which allows QAC pilot training to conduct flying activity.

Learning Facilities


Learning Resource Centre

At the heart of the on-campus experience is the Learning Resource Centre which hosts a conventional library along with self-access computer terminals for research or just general browsing, discussion or peer-group activity area with Interactive whiteboard to cater to an enriching experience.


Digital Resource Centre

The college provides student access to ICT labs for instructor led training, testing and self-paced learning to promote integrated rich syllabus. As part of the Digital resources Centre, the student can avail Surface Tablet Devices, DSLR Cameras on a short term lending basis to compliment their learning experience.


Assignment & Learning Resources

The College Learning Management System engages students through providing learning materials targeted at the learning outcomes based on the curriculum standards. Students are engaged through online assignments, quizzes and tests moving from a traditional paper based activity to an online experience which caters to instant feedback and collaboration.


Scheduling & Timetable

The College Learning Management System provides students & Faculty with tools to view their class schedules, timetables and attendance status, thereby providing a transparent information to plan and prepare for the studies.


Smart Classrooms

The Campus has 70 classrooms equipped with Projection based Interactive Whiteboards to deliver engaging content



The college has a platter of training-centric labs which cater to various studies, State-of-the-art Simulators (Flight, Air Traffic Control, Meteorological Weather forecasting), Engine Workshops, Mechanical Workshops, Avionics Workshop, Physiscs Lab, systems trainers etc., which introduce the capability of real-world hands-on experience right inside the campus before entering the real-world environments.

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Qatar Aeronautical College Offers career-oriented programs for motivated students who seek academic excellence, personal growth, and professional success.

We are in constant pursuit of provisioning quality facilities to create an environment where all communities within the college can prosper in knowledge and learning

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Qatar Aeronautical College