Short Courses Offered

The College conducts tailored courses for the aviation industry as well as other faculties. The College has various course offering in Foundation Levels (English, Maths, Physics & IT), IATA courses, WMO courses, ICAO training and custom courses for Security & Immigration Personnel, corporate and others. A significant number of aviation and non-aviation professionals make use of the opportunity to study on short career enhancing courses with the college.
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EASA B3 Electrical Fundamentals

The aim of this course is to prepare students for their QCAA/EASA Module 3 B Licence Examination.   Students will be expected to have at least A Licence knowledge of electrical fundamentals as this course will focus on the A.C. theory. …
  • Duration 1 Week
  • Starts From October 18, 2019

EASA Essay Exam Techniques

The aim of this course is to prepare students who wish to sit EASA/QCAA Essay examinations for Modules 7, 9 and 10.  When marking essays 40% of the marks are awarded for English style and grammar. The aim of the…
  • Duration 1 Day
  • Starts From October 18, 2019

Electrical Wiring Interconnection System

Prepares the attendee to use aircraft maintenance wiring diagrams and tools.  One day of the course is based on practical use of crimping, insertion and extraction tools.  The course meets the requirements for QCAA and EASA refresher training for aircraft…
  • Duration 3 Day
  • Starts From October 18, 2019

Human Factors (Refresher)

Meets the requirements for QCAA and EASA Part 66 and deals with the way various human factors affect aircraft maintenance and flight safety. Human performance factors such as vision, hearing, information processing and memory are discussed as well as their…
  • Duration 1 Week
  • Starts From October 18, 2019

Aviation Legislation Course

The module describes the relationship between the CAA, JAA and other aviation authorities is discussed as well as detailed discussion on EASA’s concerning operations, maintenance, training and engineer’s syllabus. The module then covers various certification requirements including type, registration, airworthiness…
  • Duration 1 Week
  • Starts From October 18, 2019

ATSEP Safety Management Systems Course

The goals of the Safety Management Systems (SMS) Course are to provide participants knowledge of safety management concepts and ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) on safety management as in Annexes 6, 11 and 14, and related guidance material; and…
  • Duration 1 Week
  • Starts From October 18, 2019


The course should provide appropriate training for those involved in coaching and practical training on equipment, systems, operations and service provision. This course is aimed at supervisory level personnel who are responsible for the on the job training of entry…
  • Duration 1 Week
  • Starts From August 23, 2018

Weather Forecasting

This course of two weeks duration is a refresher course exclusively for weather forecasters in National Met Service to enhance their knowledge in Weather monitoring and Forecasting using various techniques.
  • Duration 2 weeks
  • Starts From October 18, 2019